Tuesday, December 25, 2007


"God does not throw dice": Little would have world known that more than a statement made by Einstein these lines represent the mind sets of the human race (atheists included) who can never believe (consciously or sub consciously) that things can exist totally independent of each other.Are we really genetically coded to see things that way or pretend to see them that way.

Is it unnatural to think that way ? Going by the classical definition of thermodynamics entropy of the world is constantly increasing . The every process nature is involved is increasing chaos . So why is that we human want to put everything in order . Well the answer is that even when there may be chaos at the microscopic level , but things look always in order at macroscopic level.

Nature like humans have come to terms with the fact that chaos will be there . So the main endeavour of it is to order that chaos . Knowingly or unknowingly even we are involved in the same process .

Like millions of molecular level particles are in perfect disorder , things around us are too the same way . But when seen together they appear in perfect harmony just like a million notes of Mozart make a grand masterpiece .

This is this drive to keep things in order , find anything out of nothing that man has scaled some of the toughest possible peaks and solved few of the greatest mysteries of life.

How many times we have seen a small kid without any sense trying to keep his toys in order going through various permutations before arriving at a satisfactory order.

How many relations we maintain being the son , the father , the husband ,the friend, the enemy . See things at this level and it seems such a mess . But its nothing but YOU and see now things appear so smooth and you are always on a mission to order this chaos such that it appears ordered constantly challenging Murphy's law and always believing that you are in total control of yourself.Those who can't perish.

A constant effort to stand out
but still be one of us
the droplets on leaves
like few lost birds
yet beautiful and mesmerizing
for all of us there is cause
we are nothing but a part of ORDERED CHAOS

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