Saturday, January 12, 2008


Those sparkling eyes
shining with dreams
with pretence of innocence
so restless yet so calm
moulding in moment like clay
so mesmerizing , child at play

like a wandering Jew
a little deep
and a soul so beautiful
ambitions waiting for wings
but just then i stumble upon
a few unexpressed thoughts
effort to put them aside
too naive to hide
pearls on the leaves say it loud
and it all shines
as she closes those eyes

amongst all this
there was a magic moment
when things seemed still
no promises no regrets
the best as it gets
wish that moment lasted till the end
as i reach the dawn
i know the sifar
as i discover "HER"


Garima said...

frm whr th hell..rather i shuld say heaven do u get such ideas...who's the female who is inspiring u so much...jokes apart...nice was very cute

Varangi said...

smthin diff everytime i read it... gr8!

Anonymous said...

hey Ashish,you have a real nice grip on expressing yourself in words... good going.. keep writing :)